The new year is upon us, and with it comes National Radon Action Month. January is Radon Action Month, and it is the perfect time as Wintertime radon concentrations are at their highest numbers of the year. This can be dangerous for all who live in your home. January is the prime time to have your home tested for Radon. Centennial Radon provides complete home and business Radon testing.

Radon is a hazardous, radioactive gas that lives in the soil beneath your property. Radon gas can enter your home, where high levels of Radon can cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, trouble swallowing, coughing, and even lung cancer. Since January is Radon Action Month, everyone should be testing their homes for Radon this month.

Is Your Family Safe?

Have you had your home tested for Radon recently? If not, now is a perfect time, as many Health departments and other local and state agencies offer free or reduced-cost radon tests this month. Radon testing is completed using two types of tests. We use short-term and long-term tests; this depends on our assessment. If your home does have radon levels, continuous Radon tests are available. Radon testing is not invasive, and you will not even notice the devices on your property. However, a Radon test could save your life. If your property does have Radon levels, there are methods we use to lower the levels and ensure your family’s safety.

Radon mitigation systems are one of the main ways Centennial Radon lowers the Radon level on your property. This is completed by a certified and licensed Radon specialist. Once the Radon mitigation system is installed, we will continue to test your home to ensure Radon levels are decreasing. As we stated above, Radon exposure can happen over time, and the longer you wait, the greater the illnesses may be. For more information about Radon or Radon Awareness Month, give us a call at Centennial Radon!