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Radon Mitigation Checklist

A Complete Guide

When Choosing a Mitigation Professional

CENTENNIAL RADON SOLUTIONS, LLC has put together a checklist for consumers to aid in choosing a quality Radon Mitigation Professional to install a Radon Mitigation System that meets with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and guidelines. This checklist is not a comprehensive list of how a system should be installed or required qualifications for which should be present in a mitigator, but rather a tool for the consumer to evaluate proposals and make an informed decision when choosing a quality radon professional for the job. The list was designed to highlight minimal requirements necessary to insure a professional installation of your radon mitigation system that will protect you and your family from the dangers of radon gas. All of the items on the checklist are items which are recommended by the EPA and/or are items a mitigator should address.

Consumer Checklist for the Radon Mitigation Process

Not all companies hold true to the highest standard of quality installations. This checklist has been designed to provide consumers with a tool to assist in making a choice that will insure an EPA approved quality installation.

We at Centennial Radon Solutions, LLC hope you find this a helpful tool.

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