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Radon inspections, Radon Tests, and Radon mitigation for Peyton/ Flacon, CO

Centennial Radon Solutions has installed thousands of mitigation systems in the Pikes Peak region. Every system we have installed has successfully mitigated the radon level to below the EPA’s action limit of 4 pCi/l. On this page, you will find examples of systems we have installed. We take great pride and attention to detail and as you can see in the photos when you match the house in color, install the systems in discreet locations and install the system with straight lines the systems blend with the house and draw less attention.

Learn About Radon

Testing & Inspections

Radon inspections and Radon testing go hand-in-hand. At Centennial Radon Solutions, we take the extra step to ensure your Radon test is completed and expertly analyzed. Radon testing requires a device to be set up inside the home or business for several days. Once the time is completed, we record the data and make an educated decision on the Radon levels of your Peyton/Falcon, CO property. If you need Radon mitigation, our Radon specialists will show you the option that best fits your individual needs. 

Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon mitigation systems use ventilation to reduce the amount of Radon gas inside your residential or commercial property.

The Radon is reduced in water supplies and breathing zones to ensure the safety of everyone. Radon mitigation systems use aeration and activated charcoal to remove Radon from specific areas. Centennial Radon Solutions works closely with each Peyton/Falcon, CO client to ensure they get the right Radon mitigation system for their property. Each circumstance is different, and no two properties are alike; this is where our decades of experience come in! We guarantee our Radon services and know you will be satisfied with your new Radon mitigation system.

Radon Removal

Radon removal is only completed through ventilation & aeration.

Radon is a gas and can only be filtered out of your property. Centennial Radon Solutions uses Radon mitigation systems to filter out radioactive gas. Our expert team provides Radon removal for all of Peyton, Falcon, Monument, and Colorado Springs, CO. If you require a Radon test or Radon removal, give us a call today! Our team is highly knowledgeable and strictly follows the EPA guidelines.


And residential Radon Mitigation

Commercial and residential Radon mitigation is a bit different in the sense each property is unique when it comes to Radon mitigation and Radon testing. More expansive properties are complicated and may require extensive Radon mitigation systems to ensure the entire property is safe from Radon gas. Centennial Radon Solutions provides Peyton/Falcon, CO, with complete commercial and residential Radon mitigation services. If you need a trustworthy and experienced Radon company, give us a call today!

In Summary

Centennial Radon Solutions for Peyton/Falson, CO.

Centennial Radon Solutions offers the Peyton/Falcon, CO, and neighboring cities a wide range of Radon services. From Radon testing to Radon mitigation, we do it all. We provide our Radon mitigation services to all of Peyton, Falcon, Colorado Springs, and Monument, CO. Our team of Radon specialists is fully licensed and insured to provide you with safe Radon removal services for your business or residential property. We use only the best Radon testing equipment available and ensure your Radon mitigation system is the right one for your property’s need. For more information or to schedule a free quote, give us a call today! We guarantee our Radon mitigation systems and know you will love our services. Our number one purpose is to keep our clients safe from the devastating effects of Radon!

Some of our work in and around Colorado Springs

Our Showcased Projects

 As you can see all of our systems have straight lines and are installed in discrete locations for a neat and professional look.

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