Radon is naturally occurring but is known to cause health risks. Centennial Radon Solutions provides
radon testing and mitigation services for all of Colorado Springs. Radon causes cancer and even death. It
is crucial to have your home checked for Radon, as it cannot be seen. Radon is a silent killer, as it is
tasteless and odorless. Below, we will discuss Radon and how it can enter your home or property.

What is Radon?
Radon is an invisible radioactive gas. It has no odor or taste and occurs naturally as a by-product of
uranium in rock, water, and soil. Radon is found all through the United States and moves into the air
from the ground. Radon is not a problem when it enters the atmosphere outside, because it quickly
becomes diluted, but inside your home, it can cause significant problems.

How Does Radon Enter My Home?

Radon enters your home through soil and water. As Radon moves through the soil, your home creates a
vacuum and draws it inside. Radon enters your home through basements, foundations, and tiny cracks.
It can also enter your home through windows and plumbing. Since Radon is a gas, it can quickly enter
your home. Radon can enter your home through well water, but this is less common. Radon entering
your home is dangerous to your health since it can cause cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
Luckily, Radon can be removed from your home or property.

Once a Radon test has been completed on your property, a Radon specialist will create a plan to remove
the Radon from your home. Radon can be removed by different methods, depending on where the
Radon is coming from and how your home is built. The most common process is to install a Radon
Filtration System. This system will filter the Radon from your home. It is also a great idea to repair any
cracks in your foundation or basement since Radon can easily enter through these areas. Radon levels
will be monitored regularly to ensure your home and property remain safe from Radon and its effects on
your health.

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