Radon poisoning is a real danger that many do not realize. Radon is in the soil, which allows Radon to enter your property through cracks or openings in your property. While minute amounts of Radon are not of real concern, higher levels can cause illnesses and even cancer. Radon mitigation is the process of removing Radon from your property and bringing Radon levels to a safer level. Below, Centennial Radon Solutions will discuss the Radon mitigation process.

Determine Current Radon Levels

Your Radon specialist will begin by determining the current Radon level is your property. This process is completed by using small systems over a period of time to determine the Radon levels. Once the levels are checked, your Radon specialist will opt to install a Radon mitigation system. Each system is designed exclusively for your home and the Radon levels.

Radon Mitigation System Installation

Radon mitigation systems are not bulky and are hidden from view. They work without needing any upkeep. You will not even realize the Radon mitigation system has been installed. Once we install the system, which generally takes a few hours, we will monitor the Radon levels.

Radon Level Monitoring

Once we install the Radon mitigation system, we will check it regularly to ensure the system is working correctly and that Radon levels are below the safe threshold. At the start, we will do two short-term tests to ensure the system is working effectively. If the system needs adjustments, your Radon mitigation specialist will come out and tweak your system to ensure you and your family is safe.

If your home or business has never been checked for Radon, it is vital that you have a test completed. Radon is very dangerous, odorless, and cannot be seen, making it even more hazardous.